Seniors, we want you to consider leveraging your life for the Kingdom and partnering with Midtown or one of our church plants to help us reach college students and create Jesus-centered, families on mission.

Ways to Partner

  • Residency
  • College Ministry (as a part of Residency)
  • Stay in Columbia, get a job and live on mission here.
  • I will move to be a part of a church planting team (as of now, that means City Church Knoxville)
  • I am moving away and will send Midtown $50 per month to support ongoing college ministry here. Giving link here.


Our desire is to reach college students for Jesus. On average 80% of people that have been in church leave when they are in college, but 85% of people who are involved in a church or ministry in college stay in the church. We have a huge opportunity specifically at the University of South Carolina because of the lack of student involvement in a church or ministry.  Our first step is to have regular rhythms on USC’s campus. Through these rhythms our goal is to connect students to our church family through relationships.


The vision and culture of our church is to be Jesus Centered Family on Mission.The current culture on USC’s campus leaves students searching for identity, love, and satisfaction in the world. Our desire is to cultivate a culture where Jesus is our students’ identity and satisfaction. Through living in community we will come alongside our students and teach them what it means to walk in the light, have a relationship with God and know His love.


As students live out their faith and walk in deep relationships, difficulties arise. As church leadership we desire to give our students support and structure as they walk through their struggles. We want to specifically pour into and care for our student leaders in any season of life. Our goal is to equip and care for our leaders so they may be effectively on mission with students on campus and the people they are leading. Whether students are new to church family or have been LifeGroup leading for years, we want to know them and walk with them in the midst of what life brings, just as Jesus has with us.

Next Steps