Gathering Recap | 4/13/14

Here's the Gathering recap from this past Sunday:


To listen to the songs on Spotify, click the link:

The Word by Dispatch Christ is Risen by Joe Day (Different arrangement)
Jesus Paid it All by Kristian Stanfill Mystery by Charlie Hall Hail the King by Citizens

Sermon Tweets:

There aren't good people and bad people. There are bad people and Jesus. #glorythieves

True forgiveness is costly. It cost Jesus his life. #glorythieves

In the cross we see God's justice and God's mercy, all at once. #glorythieves

The most glorious being to ever exist became inglorious on the cross for us. #glorythieves

When we understand the nature of our sin, we should be confounded by His grace, not his justice. #glorythieves

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