Love Bomb FAQs


If we had to guess, we'd assume that this is the first time for many of us to be dropping a Love Bomb. In the event that that's true, you may have some questions about the subject. Below you'll find some common questions and answers on the subject:

What is a Love Bomb, anyway?

A love bomb is our goofy way of saying we want to sacrificially bless and serve people the way Jesus has blessed and served us. It is a call to LifeGroups who are doing everyday life together to pay attention to and respond to the needs around them.

I don’t know what we would do for our |giv| project. What should we do?

The goal of this year’s |giv| project is for LifeGroups to become more aware of and in tune with the needs around them. What relationships do people in your group have? Is there anyone who is in need? Who are you guys building relationships with and how can you sacrificially bless them? We do not wanting you to create something new, but we want to you to look at your relationships and everyway life differently with the intentions of sacrificially loving and serving the people around you.

What is the deadline for completing our |giv| project?

It would be ideal if your group is able to plan and execute a project during the |giv| series. If you are unable to accomplish your project in a matter of weeks, then we are asking groups to complete their projects by February 1.

What if our group does not have the financial capacity to accomplish our |GIV| project?

The goal for the |GIV| project is for your group to rally resources and sacrificially give so most all projects should be within the reach of LifeGroups. If you do have a good, effective project that is too great for your group there is an option of the form to check a box to request assistance. Groups should not plan as if there is built in assistance and honestly, there is no guarentee that Midtown will have the resources to support your project.

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