Pray With Us for The Good Life


We are very excited about looking at some of the major themes that Solomon touches on throughout The Good Life. Ecclesiastes, when understood properly, contains an ocean’s worth of wisdom to protect us like a moat from the siren calls of materialism, secularism, individualism, idealism, and performancism. These perspectives are the air we breathe in our culture. We are praying that Jesus will use this study to grow our family in loving Him, living in light of eternity with Him and learning to help our neighbors, friends and family see the vanity of living life without Jesus in view.

Please join us in praying for our church family throughout this study:

  • Pray that Jesus will give us deep, honest insight into the underlying emptiness of many of the things we are chasing after to give us the good life.
  • Pray that Jesus will give us more of His perspective from beyond the sun.
  • Pray that we will grow as missionaries who can help discern and help to explain the deep down broken emptiness of life that many of our neighbors and friends are experiencing.
  • Pray that Jesus will help our city see our need for Him in order to live the good life.
  • Pray that Jesus will rescue us from the trap of individualism and help us live heavily intertwined, mutually encouraging lives as a church family.
  • Pray that Jesus will protect us from the temptation of materialism and performancism and help us find our identity is perfectly given to us as a gift in Him.
  • Pray that we will grow in contentment, enjoyment, and experiencing of the good life that is found in Jesus.