We want to see more and more college students join our church family because they were loved on and pursued on campus. Throughout the semester we will host a variety of events to help equip us and welcome new people in. We want to create avenues for people to get involved in community while learning to walk with Jesus.

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Best First Week Ever

We created Best First Week Ever to help welcome college students back to USC's campus and enjoy the city of Columbia together. We've put together over a week full of fun to help fight against the back-to-school blues. This year's Best First Week Ever starts on January 14 and will continue until January 24. 
Check out all of our BFWE events here.

First Five

First Five is our worship Gathering for college students. We eat pizza, sing together, and teach from the Bible because we think Jesus is better than everything else. First Five starts on January 24 and goes for five weeks. See you at 1800 Blanding St at 8:00pm. You can find the dates here.

Spring Break

Every year over USC's Spring Break, we take our college students to a major U.S. city where we can visit and worship Jesus through loving and serving people. In the past we've visited cities like Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Miami, and New Orleans. This year we're headed to Chicago! Join us in the Windy City on March 9-14 for the low cost of $279. Sign up here.

LifeGroups are the very core of our church family. They are where we live out our vision of being a Jesus-centered family on mission. Our desire is that every person connected to our church would be connected through a LifeGroup.

What is a LifeGroup?

A LifeGroup is a group of people committed to experiencing life and walking in biblical community together. LifeGroups meet in homes throughout our city, but they are not simply once-a-week meetings, Sunday School classes, or Bible studies. The people in a LifeGroup do study the Bible and push each other toward Jesus, but they also eat together, play together, serve together, and become family with one another. LifeGroups are the core of our church family. They are where we live out our vision of being a Jesus-centered family on mission.

Who should be in a LifeGroup?

Everyone. Believer or non-believer (seeing biblical community lived out is a great way to explore Christianity). Member or non-member. Old or young, introvert or extrovert...you get the picture. We believe LifeGroups are the best place to experience the gospel no matter who you are, so we want everyone to join one.

Ready to join?

How can I get involved with the College Ministry?

Get into a LifeGroup. Our college ministry revolves around LifeGroups. They are how we do life together and live on mission on campus.

I’m nervous about joining a LifeGroup because I don’t know anyone. What should I do?

Go. It sounds simple but the reality is we try to make LifeGroups a welcoming environment for new people. Everyone has had a first time at LifeGroup, so you are not alone.

How do I become a part of College Leadership?

After being in a LifeGroup for a year, the next step would be talking to your LifeGroup leader about what it means to be a part of college leadership. If a LifeGroup leader recommends someone for Leadership, then the student fills out the College Leadership Application and begins an interview process through which the person potentially becomes a leader.