Gathering Recap | 6/8/14


The Word by Dispatch

Oh God by Dustin Kensure

Here's My Heart by David Crowder Band

Lead Me To The Cross by Hillsong United

Praise To The Lord by Citizens


Sermon Tweets

To know what a passage in the Bible is saying, it's helpful to know who it's being said to. 

You can make the Bible say most anything if you take it out of context. 

Sometimes the Bible is telling us what we should do, and sometimes it's telling us what happened. 

To understand a passage, pray, ask the Holy Spirit to teach you, and then confirm it in community. 

Community is vastly important to Bible interpretation. 

We don't worship the Bible–we worship the God of the Bible. 

It is possible (and wrong) to love the Bible more than you love Jesus. 

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