Li'l Help Please

Li'l Help

Family: We have a fantastic problem: a lot of people come to our Gatherings. In particular, a lot of people come to our 7:00pm Gathering at Devine Street. We've always had a lot of college students coming around, and 7:00pm tends to be the most optimal time for college students to attend. The reason that it's a problem is that we have limited seats at that Gathering. The past few weeks, we've had anywhere from 10-30 more people than we have seats.

So here's what we want to ask of you: if you normally attend the 7:00pm Gathering at Devine Street, please consider attending the new 5:00pm at Main Street. Our new Main Street Campus opens this Sunday, and for the first time in a long time, we have room to grow. But in case you're still hesitant, here's 4 reasons you should attend Main Street this week:

  1. It's closer to campus. As I mentioned earlier, our 7:00pm is largely made up of college students. If you're a USC student, our new Main Street Campus is actually closer to campus for you. Google Maps lists the trip to Devine Street as a 7 minute drive, while the drive to Main Street is a 4 minute drive. Get to the Gathering faster by going to Main Street.
  2. The building is beautiful. We have seriously been blown away by how incredible the Main Street building is. If you haven't seen it yet, make sure you look at the photos or take the video tour.
  3. Opening up seats is missional. If the 7:00pm Gathering is our most popular service, then you going to Main Street could be opening up a seat for someone who needs to hear about Jesus. You going to Main Street may be more effective for the kingdom than you realize.
  4. Grab dinner with people afterwards. Attending an earlier Gathering frees you up to grab dinner with people you meet at the Gathering, or go to the Gathering with. As we mentioned in Party Jesus, meals are great opportunities to build relationships with people. A 5:00pm Gathering makes going to dinner afterwards and inviting people to go with you a more natural thing to do.

Some of you still don't want to go to Main Street because your friends don't go there. Good news: go to Main Street, and bring all your friends there with you. That would help even more!

Thanks in advance for helping us open more seats at a more ideal time so that we can together reach more people for Jesus. You can always find all our Gathering times and locations on our Gathering page.

For Jesus' Glory, Adam Gibson Devine Street Campus Pastor