Mother's Day at the Gathering


Out of the people in the world that don't value moms, they probably all have one thing in common–they've never been one.

Being a mom as a full-time job. Regardless of the age of their kids, the stress and anxiety moms can deal with on a daily basis would shock and overwhelm most guys as well. From changing diapers to working additional jobs, from preparing meals to saving and providing for their family, from cleaning to training their kids in the way they should go, multi-tasking is not only an asset in motherhood–it's a requirement.

And the blogosphere doesn't help. One quick search on Google will lead you to thousands upon thousands of moms that will tell you what to make sure you do, what to make sure you never do, and guilt you into doing most anything in the name of being a good mom.

The pressure at times can be unnecessary and overwhelming–but in the midst of chaos, hope is available. Jesus came to set us free from the law–and that includes mommy law.

Join us May 11 at the Gathering as we discuss just how the gospel applies to your everyday life as a mother, and just how freeing it is to be set free from the chains of constantly wondering if you measure up as a mom.

We know it's tough. Let us help.

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