Sermon Recap | Love the One You're With


For those of you who missed the sermon on Sunday, or couldn't get enough of the sermon on Sunday, here's a recap of tweetables from the sermon, "Love the One You're With." This sermon is part of our series, A Marriage You'd Actually Want. Intro Video


"Stop focusing so much on finding the right person, and start focusing on being the right person."

"Warning: you are not ANYONE'S fantasy spouse. So quit looking for your fantasy spouse."

"God doesn't give Adam options to choose from. He gives Adam a spouse."

"Your spouse is your standard. Love the one you're with."

"There has to be room in your marriage for your spouse to have weakness."

"Jesus loves you right now. Not future, when-you-get-it-together you. But right now, despite-all-your-weaknesses you."

"To love the one you're with, you have to grasp--not just know--the love Christ has for you."

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