sermon quotes- 5/4/14

Gathering Recap | 5/4/14

Here's the Gathering recap from this past Sunday:


To listen to the songs on Spotify, click the link:

Before the Throne

 by The Modern Post

Dear Refuge

 by Trinity Grace Church

Here's My Heart

 by Crowder

Grace Will Be My Song

 by Fee

Oh God

 by Dustin Kensrue

Sermon Tweets:

Spiritual life is not found deep within–it's found in someone outside ourselves.

It is possible to be in relationship with God and not be enjoying Him.

Your access to God is not based on the last time you read your bible.

Abiding is constantly finding ways to enjoy God's grace.

If you are in Christ, the Father loves you like He loves Jesus.

God's grace is opposed to earning, but it's not opposed to effort.

The Bread of Life is available to us; all that's asked is that we pick it up and eat it.

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