The book of Proverbs is a collection of wisdom one-liners, with the goal of repetitively hammering on foundational truths for how to live a well-lived life. We’ll spend the last two months of the summer diving into selected proverbs that teach us how to live winsomely and wisely with God, with others, at work, at home, and throughout everyday life.



To help facilitate LifeGroup discussion we'll be posting resources for each week of the series. Homelinks are a tool used to connect parents and their children by helping them review what's being taught on Sundays, we'll be posting one for each week of the series. 

Week 1: Invitation to Wisdom (Study Guide) (Homelink)

Week 2: The Wisdom of Steadfast Love (Study Guide) (Homelink)

Week 3: Wisdom and Sloth (Study Guide) (Homelink)

Week 4: Wisdom and Community (Study Guide) (Homelink)

Week 5: Wisdom and Decision Making (Study Guide) (Homelink)

Week 6: Wisdom and Words (Study Guide) (Homelink)

Week 7: Wisdom and Pride (Study Guide) (Leader Guide) (Homelink)

Week 8: Wisdom and Sex (Study Guide) (Homelink)

Week 9: Wisdom and Wealth (Study Guide) (Homelink)

Week 10: Laugh at the Days to Come (Study Guide) (Homelink)