1 Corinthians | Part 2


In 1 Corinthians, Paul addresses the brokenness within the church at Corinth and how only the good news of Jesus can bring us together.

As a church family, want this series to be an opportunity to celebrate all the goodness and beauty of the church while also being honest about the struggles and difficulties.


To help facilitate LifeGroup discussion, we'll be posting resources for each week of the series.

Week 1: Flee From Idolatry (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 2: 5 Meals that Changed the World (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 3: Gospel-Centered Ethics (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 4: Haircuts and Head-Coverings (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 5: Build Up the Body in Love (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 6: No Seriously, Build Up the Body in Love (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 7: A Loving Community (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 8: Supernaturally Life-Giving Words (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 9: Supernaturally Life-Giving Words Part 2 (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 10: Jesus’ Resurrection (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 11: Our Resurrection (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 12: Change the World with People You Love (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)