Serve the City


One of our favorite ways to kick off a new year is to rally our family toward Serve the City Weekend. To do that, we’re spending these first two weeks focused on understanding why we serve. We want to learn from Scripture and see how God first served us. Our goal is that the ultimate act of service, the Cross, would motivate us to sacrificially love and serve the people around us.

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Listen to sermons & download LifeGroup resources.

Week 1: Count Others as More Significant - (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 2: Death Defying Compassion - (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

Week 3: Jesus for Shalom - (Sermon) (LifeGroup Guide)

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The gospel transforms us to be generous with not only our finances, but our time and energy as well. We are coming together to serve our six partner organizations and their clients at Serve the City Weekend from January 18-21, 2019.

Raise $21,000 for our Serve the City Partnerships

We want to fund Serve the City events throughout the next year and continue to do things like feeding Epworth students each Wednesday night at Student Groups.

Stretch goal - Any money we raise beyond the $21,000 will be put towards renovating and installing a full kitchen in our unused building on Barnwell St. This will allow us to serve meals as part of our ministry to the homeless, use the facility to save money on food cost for future events, and utilize the building as an event rental space.